Student Comments

6 th Grader: “This is my first year of the Summer Enrichment Academy or SEA. It is awesome, if
you were to ask me! Whatever you do, please pay attention because whatever they tell you , you
are always going to need it in your life one day. Also, don’t be scared to ask questions I promise
you, they will have an answer. The most important thing I loved is the way they taught me
getting ready for 7 th grade!”

9 th Grader: “I don’t have any concerns, but do have a comment….thank you upward bound!”

11 th Grader: “My classes were very productive as well as beneficial.

10 th Grader: “The classes I took were good preparation for the upcoming year. I gained a lot of
Knowledge in just a matter of 5-6 weeks. Geometry was the best class because the
teacher challenged us, but made it fun.”

10 th Grader: “the classes were prepared us for the next grade, and the activities were fun
learning experiences!”

12 th Grader: “more students should take full advantage of the program and be grateful that it is here to
help them.”