Who Qualifies For Assistance?

Program services provided to qualified youth in grades 6-12, Secondary and Post-secondary, dropouts, and veterans .

Here comes college! Now what?

Students are assisted in meeting all college/university requirements and deadlines to ensure:

Successful enrollment/re-enrollment
Adequate financial aid
Appropriate advisement and support
College entry/re-entry students are tracked and assisted during matriculation to effect retention and graduation rate of ETS students, and determine adequate potential assessment. Eligible Individuals are……

Citizens/Nationals of the United States; permanent resident of the United States
11-27 years of age, having completed the 5th grade, who meet income criteria and/or potential first generation college students, and/or demonstrates potential for post secondary education and in the need of support services to increase their chances for success.
Veterans, dropouts (not more than 27 years of age EOC is available), and parents receive guidance and technical services.

I’m in High School, How can COPE help me?

ETS Recruiters provide individual and group advisement counseling and guidance. Students are involved in informational workshops during the monthly visits to their schools. The informational workshops provide motivation and reinforcement on the academic skills necessary for secondary and post-secondary education success:

Academic Assessment
College Prep Courses selection
Goal setting; values
College Choices/Career Options
Vocational Training
Personal/Social Skills
Test-Taking Skills
Viewing the college transition
Financial Aid
College Readiness workshops are held at each high school to provide the necessary technical assistance.

Recruiters meet with parents to discuss college plans, financial aid, and to help file applications timely.

ACT preparation studying and testing to increase scores for college entrance and scholarships are discussed and explained of their importance.

I’m in Middle School, how can COPE help me?

Middle School students meet with Outreach Recruiters once a month and talk about the following topics in individual and group settings:

Academic Assessment
Advance Prep Courses
Decision-Making Skills
Personal/Social Skills
Test-Taking Skills
Setting and achieving goals
Coping with the Middle School transition
Time Management
PARENTS are informed of current activities, issues, participant goals and opportunities through:

School visits
Workshops about careers, post-secondary options and financial aid.
Entering 6th-8th grade students are provided with summer enrichment academy comprehensive guidance counseling to ensure successful performance in the classroom and increase their chances to graduate middle and high school within 4-years with a diploma.

Field trips to events of learning and cultural enhancements are provided.

What is Educational TALENT SEARCH?

Educational TALENT SEARCH is an outreach pre-college program of support services that provide enhancement activities to effect students academic performance, attendance, high school graduation and post secondary pursuit.
TALENT SEARCH also sponsors a program of motivational activities and exposures to endure students total development.

College tours and campus visits
New Orleans College Interview Sessions of College Representatives
ACT Preparation Testing
Field trips to cultural events, historical and educational sites
Academic skills
Mentoring coordination
Parental involvement
College entry liaison and support
These activities are FREE!!! Students usually are referred to the program by the school counselor/team personnel. Applications may be picked up at Cope Inc. or from your schools Counselor/Personnel Office.